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Or how our year started

As we blink, the time flies and so was the end of 2018. We had our 1st Anniversary which was a blast, we ended our year with 8 launched beers in our portfolio and we declared ourselves happy for the year that had passed.

After concluding 2018, January 2019 came, and what a month it was. We brewed so much cool new stuff that we are eager to share with you. So the list is as follows:

  • A new batch of Blond Wild with Brettanomyces (that funky, bubbly beer)
  • A new batch of Saison (new recipe, super awesome taste)
  • Tripel aged in Chardonnay barrel from Liliac Winery
  • Dubbel aged in Merlot barrels from Liliac Winery
  • Quadrupel aged in Whisky barrels, Laphroaig and Auchentoshan

And we still have some cool news around, but we will keep them secret for the moment.

At the beginning of January we launched the 2nd batch of Quadrupel aged in Belize Rum barrels. The perfect balance between a barrel and a beer, everyone said. We are very happy how our Quadrupel series evolves and that everyone is so curious all the time to try it.

But let’s get back to some serious substance. At the end of January took place Rate Beer Best. Rate Beer is a super well known website and app where everyone makes reviews for craft beers or where you can find cool places with craft beer around you in all over the world. There are a lot of categories for this awards, from the best beers in the world, breweries, reviewers etc.


With a lot of pride and honor, we are happy to announce you that Oriel Beer was chosen in a top of 15 new brewers from all around the world and got 5th place New Brewer in the World for the year 2018. But not only this was the only prize, Oriel Beer was winner for the Best Brewer in Romania and Oriel Quadrupel Jack Daniel’s Barrel Aged was a winner at the category Best Beer in Romania.

That being said, we would like to thank everyone that rated our beers, thank you for your constant support and we will keep brewing great beers.

To conclude, we want to bring the latest upfront news, we will be launching this month on 22nd of February our collaboration brew with the Belgian HopSasam, a Tripel brewed with Belgian hops, lemongrass and aged in Tuica barrels (traditional Romanian fruit distilled brandy). Three types of barrels (oak, cherry and mulberry tree) that kept different types of Țuică (apples, pears and plums) put their mark on the beer resulting an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Exquisite notes of baked apples, pears and green plums with a smooth mouthfeel and a velvety dry aftertaste, make this brew a quintessence. Save the date! Will be a launching party around! Joy to the world, Țuiple’Up  has come! A unique and original beer Romanian – Belgian collab!

Last but not least, I hope you did not forget about our collaboration with Wicked Barrel. This one will be launched sometime at the beginning of March.  Just to tease you a bit, I leave here the description of this beer.

„Something holy, something wicked… We joined our forces and created an experience. Bringing together Belgian style influence in a traditional Russian Imperial Stout has an outcome quite fine. A blast of sweet chocolate, pralines, coffee, molasses and roasted notes come in a creamy, smooth and balanced taste by few esters and with a refermentation in the bottle, everything becomes more interesting. Let yourself be seduced and See the light or the darkness!”

Cheers and joy,


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