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From barrel aging in homebrewing to barrel aging at the brewery


Barrel Aging is a well established tradition in brewing and we started to apply it since we homebrewed so it was normal to start doing this also at the brewery.
The beer ages with the aim to convey the unique character of the wood and the flavour of what has previously been in the barrel.
When we homebrewed at home we used a small bourbon barrel of 20 liters from a small distillery from the United States, so for the first batch we decided to go with similar aromas and we chose the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey barrels because of their unique flavour. We were impressed by the balanced sweet and oaky character of this whiskey as well as by the vanilla and caramel notes.

Brewing a Belgian inspired Quadrupel

Back in 2017, in October, in full licensing process to produce and sell beer, we brewed this beer as our third beer from our portfolio, after Oriel Blond and Oriel Dubbel. We choose five types of malt from Germany and Belgium malt houses, two types of Slovenian hops from a small Slovenian farm, of course Belgian dark candi syrup, which is often use in this type of beer and last but not least, a special blend of liquid Belgian strain yeasts. After one month of primary fermentation in the tank, we moved the beer into two Jack Daniel’s barrels of 190 liters and forgot about it for the next six months.

Well, actually we did not forget about it because we watched the evolution every month by tasting the beer to see how the barrel puts its mark on it. At the beginning there were no visible differences but with time, the aroma and taste became so evolved that we decided to bottle the beer. After bottling, we made the refermentation in the bottle for 21 days to produce the natural CO2 and after this time, we moved it again in the cold room for another 21 days. So basically this beer was ready to drink after 8 months and a half. And it was a blast.

Launching event

We scheduled the launching event on 9th of July at our friends at The Beer Institute and it was a real success. We are so happy to see that so many friends and beer passionate came along to see and taste our long – awaited beer. Our confirmation that we made a great beer came with the feedback of everyone that tasted it but the most important feedback came from his Excellency Ambassador of Belgium to Romania, Mr. Thomas Baekelandt. It was an honor to meet him and we were very proud that he responded to our invitation and joined our event.
Is always satisfactory to interact with a Belgian since they have the beer culture in their blood and being appreciated by His Excellency means that we make a good job with our Belgian inspired beers even if we are so young.
That being said you must enjoy this sumptuous beer, the joy of our microbrewery. I will mention also its description to make you more curious to try it.

Ruby brown color with a small tan head and dominant notes of plums, raisins, esters, wood and roasted malt come as a first impression.
The taste is rich and intense ascending from dark dried fruits, malty notes to some chocolate, vanilla, alcohol and wood, evolving after each sip, warming you up.
The complex character is increased by the synthesis of the yeasts creating a perfect harmony in each brew .

The entire batch of Oriel Quadrupel Jack Daniel’s Barrel Aged sums under a 1000 bottles and more than a half reached already our final customers. Keep in mind that the robust barrel flavor and maturation, the higher alcohol grants a better evolution in time, developing great features so it can be stored for years. From the beginning, we recommended our customers to take one bottle and drink it now and to take a second one to try after one year to see the evolution of this alive beer.
To conclude I will mention below the locations where you can find this amazing beer and hurry up since the next batch of Quadrupel is aging in Belize rum barrels and will be totally different.

Take joy in drinking an artisanal Oriel Beer!

Cheers to that!
With delight,

The Beer Institute – Romanian Craft Beer Shop
Berero Store
La 100 de Beri
Craft și Draft – bar de bere artizanală
Fabrica de Bere Buna – Romanian Craft Beer Bar
FIX me a drink
The Real Beer Shop
Beer Zone
Bacania Veche
Beer’s Point
Beer Academy
Szimpla Sepsiszentgyörgy
ECO ZEN Boutique

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