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About the beers

We are brewing our creations with joy, using recipes that are entirely made by us. In the tradition of the wonderful Belgian beers, we respect the entire process of brewing (mashing, sparging, boiling, fermentation, bottle conditioning, maturation) and we don’t take any shortcuts.

The minimum period of maturation is 30 days for the Blond and Dubbel and at least 120 days for the Quadrupel, which is barrel aged. We are using a different barrel for each batch of Quadrupel.

While the Oriel Blond is a real thirst quencher, the Dubbel and Quadrupel will develop well distinguished characteristics in time and can be stored for years.

All our beers are naturally carbonated, unfiltered and unpasteurized, free of any additives.


Take joy in drinking an artisanal Oriel Beer!


ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 35
SRM: 3.8
Serving: 8 ºC – 12 ºC in Chalice, Goblet or Tulip glass
Food pairing: Light meals, cheese and spicy foods

Oriel Blond is our interpretation of a Belgian Blond Ale.

Is made of the finest ingredients from German malts, Slovenian hops to a special blend of liquid Belgian strain yeasts.
The alluring deep gold color accompanies a complex scent and a soft foamy head.
The three types of malt used give a soft malting taste with bready notes. Two types of hops add their contribution, developing delicate floral and earthy notes, ending in a pleasing bitterness. Coriander and orange peel can’t miss, giving spiciness and fruitiness.
As we are very meticulous in choosing our yeast, we are using a mixture of Belgian strains with moderate esters like pear or apple and spices like cloves.
Oriel Blond is a balanced beer, simple but complex with a crisp finish, all this features making it a great thirst quencher.
Enjoy it with or without the yeast.

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ABV: 8%
IBU: 15
SRM: 21
Serving: 12 ºC – 14 ºC in Chalice, Goblet or Tulip glass
Food pairing: hard cheese, hearty soups and stews

Oriel Dubbel is our interpretation of a Belgian Dubbel.

Is brewed in style with the finest ingredients from five types of malts, two types of Slovenian hops, Belgian dark candi syrup to a special blend of liquid Belgian strain yeasts.
A deep amber color with a pale head alongside layered fragrances make up together. Raisins, biscuits, toffee complement the flavor, meanwhile the malt sensation, dried fruits, roasted almond and the undertones of noble hops gently balance the complex character of the beer. Hints of toasted toffee are given by the candi syrup.
A blend of Belgian strain yeasts impart their wonderful contribution with spicy dryness, phenolic aroma and fruity esters.
Subtle bitterness remain in the end and the alcohol warmth gives a pleasant perception.
This alive beer will mature in the bottle and earn unique features in time.
Enjoy it with or without the yeast.

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ABV: 11.5%
IBU: 42
SRM: 27
Serving: 14 ºC – 16 ºC in Chalice, Goblet or Tulip glass
Food pairing: steaks, ribs and rich desserts

Oriel Quadrupel BA is a sumptuous beer, the joy of our microbrewery.

Brewed with patience, in the style of a Belgian Quadrupel, with the finest ingredients from five types of malts, two types of Slovenian hops, Belgian dark candi syrup to a special blend of liquid Belgian strain yeasts.
Ruby brown color with a small tan head and dominant notes of plums, raisins, esters, wood and roasted malt come as a first impression.
The taste is rich and intense ascending from dark dried fruits, malty notes to some chocolate, vanilla, alcohol and wood, evolving after each sip, warming you up.
The complex character is increased by the synthesis of the yeasts creating a perfect harmony in each brew .
Each batch ages in a different barrel for at least four months and for this reason some flavors may diverge.
The robust barrel flavor and maturation, the higher alcohol grants a better evolution in time, developing great features so it can be stored for years.
Enjoy it with or without the yeast.

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About our ingredients
We use the finest ingredients from Belgium, Germany, Slovenia and Denmark.
German Pilsner malt and a few German and Belgian special malts, Belgian flaked barley, real Belgian candi sugar, coriander and orange peel, Slovenian hops and a different blend of Belgian strain yeasts for each batch.
Water is also one of the important ingredients of the beer and we can pride ourselves that we use pure water from our own well.

Using the sugar
The use of sugars in Belgian beers is used in the majority of Belgian specialty beers and is essential in obtaining tastes specific to the style. They are 100% fermentable, therefore, will lighten the taste, making the beer more drinkable and refreshing.

Re-fermentation and maturation in the bottle
Our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and re-fermented in the bottle. During this process, the yeast will consume the small amount of sugar added prior to the bottling and the oxygen in the bottle, to produce the CO2. The result will be a living beer, with a longer shelf life, that will follow a natural path of aging. The taste and aroma will change with time, so you can put a few bottles aside and see the differences.

Barrel aging
Barrel Aging is a well established tradition in brewing and we started to apply it since we homebrewed so it was normal to start doing this also at the brewery.
The beer ages with the aim to convey the unique character of the wood and the flavor of what has previously been in the barrel.
Each batch of Oriel Quadrupel will be barrel aged for couple of months in a different barrel so its taste can burst with flavours. For the first brew we used Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey and we maturated the beer for six months.