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Our brewery

Our story

The team behind Oriel Beer is formed by Ioana and Laurentiu, two young souls passionate about beer.
Our story begins back in 2010 when we started to travel together and discover that beer is a special drink with a lot of taste and of many types. Orval, Rochefort, St. Bernardus were among the first great beers that we tried and it was love at first sip.

We started to homebrew and from kit starters of different Belgian types of beer we went through partial grain and then all grain beers. We mainly brewed blondes, dubbels, tripels and quadrupels, improving our recipes after each small batch of 20 liters.

The contests in the field have attracted our attention and we started to participate in different countries for homebrewing competitions. Our beers won prizes from 1st place to special awards, in countries like Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Bulgaria.


Our brewery

The entire idea of Oriel Beer went back in 2015 when we created the brand and started to make the building from scratch. Oriel Beer is a small family brewery, fully operated by ourselves, located in Bucharest, Romania.

The name Oriel comes from the archangel of light, wisdom, illumination and sun. He is a patron of the arts and science for his ability to inspire and one of the seven archangels who preside over the world.
He sparked our mind with ideas and we created this beautiful project.

Since we are a very small brewery, our production capacity is very limited and we can produce maximum 200 hectoliters per year.


We are proud of the many awards we received so far and being recognized as the best brewery of Romania by Rate Beer brings us a tremendous honour. We are inspired and motivated to continue brewing specialty beers with the same passion and love.


Frankfurt International Trophy – 2020 – Oriel Quadrupel Auchentoshan BA – Grand Gold Medal Award


Barcelona Beer Challenge – 2020 – Oriel Winter 2019 – Gold Medal Award


European Beer Challenge – London – 2019 – Oriel Quadrupel Mezcal BAGold Medal Award


Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award 2019 – Oriel Quadrupel Belize Rum BAGold Medal Award

RB Best

Rate Beer Best 2019 – Best brewer in Romania

RB Best

Rate Beer Best 2018 – 5th New Brewer in the World

RB Best

Rate Beer Best 2018 – Best brewer in Romania

RB Best

Rate Beer Best 2018 – Best beer in Romania (Oriel Quadrupel Jack Daniel’s BA)

The Equipment

500 L electric brewing kettle – Plevnik – SI

500 L lauter tun – Plevnik – SI

208 L hot liquor tank – Blichmann – USA

2 x 750 L fermentation tanks – Speidel – DE

3 x 625 L maturation tanks – Speidel – DE

1000 L bottling tank – Speidel – DE

Cooling group Chilly 35 – Kreyer – DE

2 x Centrifugal pumps – B-Tech – SE

Bottle filler with 6 heads – Spagni – IT

Wort chiller SST – 1000 l/h – ELMEGA – ES

Malt mill 200 kg/h – Engl Maschinen – DE

Pneumatic crown capper – Pillan – IT

Fermentation tanks