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15.12.2019 – Celebrating 2 years at Fabrica de Bere Buna – Romanian Craft Beer Bar


Right at this exact moment, when I am writing this post, I am enjoying one of the beers that we are going to launch on Sunday for our two year anniversary. Oh my my… cotton candy version.
Another year has passed and this Sunday we are celebrating our birthday party. We had such a busy year, but it was all worth it and the future looks pretty, pretty good.

In order to draw some conclusions at the end of this year, we won two gold medals in two extremely important competitions in Germany (Meinenger’s International Craft Beer Award) and England (European Beer Challenge) with Quadrupel Rom Barrel Aged and Mezcal Barrel Aged. The Quadrupel is our flagship beer, it is the beer that represents us. When you think about Oriel and you need to try one of our Quadrupels.

Going forward, we had two collaborations, in Belgium with ‘t Hofbrouwerijke and in the Netherlands, with Brouwerij School. It was an intense experience because we saw how to make beer on a larger scale. Both beers were Saison, a simple, more hoppy and one flavored with violets. We attended a beer festival in the Netherlands, Carnivale Brettanomyces, one of the most exclusive in the Netherlands, was an experience completely out of the ordinary. We started to export beer to Belgium and Netherlands and the feedback that we received was amazing, we were afraid to enter an international market with Belgian beers, which are usually so classic, but we made our path among the big ones and it is nice to receive feedback from strangers that love our beer.

The summer of 2019 was the first summer we attended the beer festivals in Romania, in Iasi, Cluj and Bucharest. We have been happy to see many of you and to meet others, those who support us from the beginning.

On Sunday, we are celebrating 2 years of Oriel, we will have a small gathering at Fabrica de Bere Buna – Romanian Craft Beer Bar, on Calea Victoriei 91 – 93, and we thought to make the event on Sunday to end the week with good vibes only.

The two beers that we are launching are slightly experimental, however the beers we produce do not fit in any patterns and in some classic styles, now we have prepared two sweet stouts brewed in our own way, flavored with peanut butter and cotton candy .
Do not think about very strong flavors, these are two beers very balanced with subtle flavors, quite carbonated, with a lot of creamy and delicious foam, will be available both draft and bottle.

We will not make this event so official with speeches and all, we are between friends and we will be there from 5 pm until late at night. All the beers will have a special, unique price for the event.
We have prepared a diversified selection, and together with the two stouts we have the collaboration with Blackout Brewing, Get your Hands off, which has grown so beautiful over time.


Blackberry Vanilla Quadrupel, this year’s attraction, the first non-barrel aged quad beer, with great success, we kept a few kegs especially for the anniversary and as an barrel aged beer, we decided to bring Dubbel Merlot Barrel Aged, which became so good with the maturation, you feel in this beer all the malt smoothness, dried fruit notes ending all with a pleasant tartness of a red wine.

Finally, we will delight you with the Oriel Heaven campaign – if the angels would drink beer – a concept that represents the visual identity of the archangel Oriel, the one who inspires us in our creation.

Photo credit and concept George Mocanu

Join event here:
Cheers and see you Sunday!

Keep it craft only!

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