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A Belgian Dark Strong Ale for the winter


After almost three years of Oriel Beer, you already know by now that is our tradition to release a seasonal beer each winter.

In some parts of our country, snow is also present, here in Bucharest it’s just cold, but it doesn’t matter, it’s always a good time to have a treat for yourself.

So, by the time when you all celebrated Christmas last year, on 27th of December, we brewed our WINTER 2020 edition.

Brewed with patience, in the style of a Belgian Dark Strong Ale from seven types of malt, two types of flakes, two types of hop, Belgian dark candi sugar to a special blend of liquid Belgian strain yeast and of course with some special ingredients added: cocoa, coffee, Ceylon cinnamon, coriander seeds, orange extract and vanilla essence.

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White Quadrupel

A new crazy collaboration between Oriel Beer and Sunstone Alehouse

Some friendships and collaborations do last a long, long time. That’s the story between us and Sunstone Alehouse. If you don’t know our beginning, let’s recap it for you. We met Kirill many years ago, while we all still homebrewed. Now we are all pro, older and with the same courage to experiment with beers.
White Quadrupel comes as a sequel after Quadrupel IPA, that experimental beer that you all remember, not an ipa, nor a quadrupel. Well, the story repeats again, because this new beer comes close to another creative brew that both brewers come up with.
Oriel x Sunstone White Quadrupel is another experimental brew in which all the crazy ideas of the brewers joined for a beer to remember. Brewed out of a large variety of malts, flakes, hops, orange peel and a blend of yeasts, this quadrupel lighter in color, has preeminent aromas of figs, dates, praline and subtle hints of smoked malt. Taste is intense, bit sweet with vanilla, biscuits, chocolate notes, balanced and flavored with cold brew from DropShot Coffee Roasters. The cold brew was made from a single origin coffee, Ethiopia Sidamo, and brings delicate notes of blueberries, caramel and dark chocolate. A long aftertaste and the alcohol warmth linger on the palate leaving a mellow sweetness.


Please don’t take it as a regular beer, because it is not, is the honest beer that you will drink and like it because is different, but so pleasant in the same time. And that’s the beauty of brewing, playing with recipes and be creative.


Stories about beer

Quadrupel Ecuador Barrel Aged


This post will be about a beer, the beer, the almighty beer that you may know from our range, Oriel Quadrupel Barrel Aged.

For this batch we chose to get back to rum barrels, because we won a gold medal with the Belize version and to be honest, because we like rum, is nice to savor it all year round because is tasty and aromatic.

We decided to go again for rum barrels, but we needed to choose the barrels for aging. Our barrel supplier told about some Ecuador barrels that they should receive at a certain time and some stuff about Ecuador rums. First of all, the distilleries are situated at higher altitudes, the alcohol thing is very complicated in Ecuador and the barrels are always sealed with papers from the local customs and they are difficult and rare to obtain. The rums produced are unctuous, oily, round, dark and sweet.


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Templed in twilight

Collab Oriel Beer x Bereta TM

Exactly this time last year we were in Iasi, at Festivalul Girafelor, one month later we were in Cluj at Cluj Craft Beer Festival. Each time by coincidence we were neighbors with the guys from Bereta. But is there such thing as coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe no. Between pouring beers, we talked a lot about craft beers and shared ideas and in the end the idea of a collaboration was born. But it was difficult to choose one beer that could contain the essence of Oriel Beer and Bereta. After debating, the guys came up with the idea of brewing a barrel aged gose, well you heard well, they brewed a lot of gose beers in the past, we barrel aged a lot. Awesome and awesome, let’s see what happened next.

The recipe was simple, 50% barley malt, 50% barley wheat, wheat flakes, coriander seeds, Hallertau Blanc hop, black Himalayan salt and Lactobaccilus.


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Frankfurt International Trophy 2020

The Frankfurt International Beer Trophy is a large international competition in Germany.


Experienced amateurs and experts from around the world taste and judge the beers together. They believe this is exactly what distinguishes the Frankfurt International Beer Trophy and makes it so specific, as this reveals what consumers really think. Since its creation, the Frankfurt International Trophy has been able to rely on a variety of strong and renowned partners. They promote the international reputation of the competition that takes place in the historical hall of the famous Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten, which dates back to 1870 and is located in the heart of Frankfurt-on-the-Main. The competition has strong ties to the restaurant world and is represented each year by an honorary president of renown (famous German Michelin star chef).  Due to the corona crisis the Frankfurt International Trophy had to reschedule and cancel the international tasting with more than 400 tasters and nearly 3,000 samples, dated for April 3 and 4, 2020, in the historic ballroom of the Gesellschaftshaus in Frankfurt, Germany. In spite of everything, the organizers managed to realize the tasting in an alternative format and after a delay finally succeeded to publish the results.

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Barcelona Beer Challenge

A gold for our beer


As excited as we are, we still can’t get used to another medal for one of our beers. Even though we always receive a great feedback, we are still unsure of our work and we still don’t believe sometimes that we are good enough or our beers are good enough. Sometimes we have gushers, the fermentation is more aggressive than we plan or we have issues with the barrels. No one really knows how much struggle is behind each brew. Sometimes is so easy to judge and of course, our customers are our primal focus, but please be gentle with us, we are still learning.

We have heard about the contest in Barcelona from our friend from Hopsasam, he won a medal there with his amazing barrel aged beer and he told us that is a difficult contest, but we should give it a try.

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Cuvée Nora

The story of our sour beer

At the beginning of February we brewed what is going to be a wild Saison with rye and spelt malts, fermented directly in a new oak barrel with  Brettanomyces and Saccharomyces yeasts as well as Lactobacillus and Pediococcus bacterial strains.

Everything was going smooth as planned. We received the brand new barrel, we applied the special instructions which we needed to swell the barrel for several days and after we made the beer, we transferred it directly in the barrel and added the yeast. In the first days the fermentation was going wild, being very aggressive, causing the barrel staves to loosen. So it began the leaking…

Cuvee Nora

As much as we like to think that everything is going as planned, sometimes the unexpected hits you. The same happened to our beer. Day after day, the leaking was intensifying causing a lot of beer loss. We tried every method that was possible to stop the leaking, but it was all in vain, the fermentation was too aggressive and therefore we had no way of stopping that leaking.

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Craft Beer in times of Corona

Quadrupel Zetea Vinars Barrel Aged


These are times that put us to test. Testing what? Testing our patience and ourselves because in these moments of uncertainty we need to return to that simple life in which we cherish the good things.
A lot of you are struggling with quarantine but very few see the great part in it. When was the last time you had time? Time to enjoy all the things you wanted to do indoor, like reading, cooking, watching a film, staying with your loved one or enjoying a craft beer.
Now is the moment you can do that.

From the beginning our creed was patience and time. Connecting that to our Quadrupel, we always took it as an exercise with ourselves and the beers that we are brewing. Of course, we can release them earlier, but we taste and wait until we consider that our goal is attained and the beer that was barrel aged is what we imagined to be. Most of the times, the beer manage to surprise us because the taste evolves so much and becomes more and more complex.

Even if the times are uncertain we have faith in our customers and fans of craft beer. We decided to release our latest Quadrupel aged in a vinars barrel.
Two years ago we tried for the first time Zetea Vinars. And we were impressed by the taste of it.
“Zetea XO is a remarkable wine distillate, obtained by its own method. The assortment consists of the highest quality natural ingredients, carefully selected to compose an expressive and harmonious aromatic palette.

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The Quadrupel Pilgramage

Quadrupel Whisky Barrel Aged

You all got already used to our wonderful series of Quadrupel Barrel Aged. For this fourth batch, we choose to split it in two whisky barrels , each of 190 liters. The decision on which barrels to choose was simple, we tasted some whiskies in the past days and developed a pleasure in discovering all the flavors a whisky has. And oh, we discovered the peated whiskies and it was just pure chemistry.
Each of the whiskies that we choose the barrels from has a little story. We bought the first time Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky as a present gift for a friend that was living in Spain and we went there to make a surprise for her birthday anniversary. We read a little about the whisky and we thought that it was going to be a good idea. Pleasant aromas of honey, vanilla, almonds all rounded up in a triple distilled beverage, what can you ask more, purity and taste. After tasting the first time, we were really curious about its story, so we did some research. In 1823 the distillery was established by en engineer from Greenock.


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15.12.2019 – Celebrating 2 years at Fabrica de Bere Buna – Romanian Craft Beer Bar


Right at this exact moment, when I am writing this post, I am enjoying one of the beers that we are going to launch on Sunday for our two year anniversary. Oh my my… cotton candy version.
Another year has passed and this Sunday we are celebrating our birthday party. We had such a busy year, but it was all worth it and the future looks pretty, pretty good.

In order to draw some conclusions at the end of this year, we won two gold medals in two extremely important competitions in Germany (Meinenger’s International Craft Beer Award) and England (European Beer Challenge) with Quadrupel Rom Barrel Aged and Mezcal Barrel Aged. The Quadrupel is our flagship beer, it is the beer that represents us. When you think about Oriel and you need to try one of our Quadrupels.

Going forward, we had two collaborations, in Belgium with ‘t Hofbrouwerijke and in the Netherlands, with Brouwerij School. It was an intense experience because we saw how to make beer on a larger scale. Both beers were Saison, a simple, more hoppy and one flavored with violets. We attended a beer festival in the Netherlands, Carnivale Brettanomyces, one of the most exclusive in the Netherlands, was an experience completely out of the ordinary. We started to export beer to Belgium and Netherlands and the feedback that we received was amazing, we were afraid to enter an international market with Belgian beers, which are usually so classic, but we made our path among the big ones and it is nice to receive feedback from strangers that love our beer.

The summer of 2019 was the first summer we attended the beer festivals in Romania, in Iasi, Cluj and Bucharest. We have been happy to see many of you and to meet others, those who support us from the beginning.

On Sunday, we are celebrating 2 years of Oriel, we will have a small gathering at Fabrica de Bere Buna – Romanian Craft Beer Bar, on Calea Victoriei 91 – 93, and we thought to make the event on Sunday to end the week with good vibes only.

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