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Quadrupel Ecuador Barrel Aged


This post will be about a beer, the beer, the almighty beer that you may know from our range, Oriel Quadrupel Barrel Aged.

For this batch we chose to get back to rum barrels, because we won a gold medal with the Belize version and to be honest, because we like rum, is nice to savor it all year round because is tasty and aromatic.

We decided to go again for rum barrels, but we needed to choose the barrels for aging. Our barrel supplier told about some Ecuador barrels that they should receive at a certain time and some stuff about Ecuador rums. First of all, the distilleries are situated at higher altitudes, the alcohol thing is very complicated in Ecuador and the barrels are always sealed with papers from the local customs and they are difficult and rare to obtain. The rums produced are unctuous, oily, round, dark and sweet.


Of course we chose those barrels, four barrels of 200 liters each for our batch of brown specialty beer.

In the autumn of 2019 we brewed a double batch, fermented with fruity, ester yeast, transferred in the barrels and let it rest for eight months. Winter, spring, summer passed and in the new autumn, the beer is ready. The entire process takes time, patience, sorry to insist on this, but imagine a butterfly, it takes time to become the beautiful butterfly that you see, before that, it has been just a caterpillar. The same is with our beer, we need to wait and taste and wait and then decide when the taste is fully ready to savor it.

The imprint of the barrels gave the beer sumptuous flavours of toasted oak, chocolate, honey and candied fruits. The taste is a mosaic composed of dried, red plums, ripe figs, raisins, spices, vanilla notes and roasted malts. The fermentation of the extra Muscovado and Demerara sugars utter the experience, creating a specialty beer with a high alcohol content, that will develop great features in time.


To note the presence of sugars in our beer, we are using sugars because are very common in Belgian style beers, the sugars are fermented, they make the beer easier to drink, sometimes drier and they give extra notes in the aroma and taste.

Each bottle of beer is carefully hand labeled, hand waxed and has all our passion and joy inside, you need to try it out for an experience to remember.

Cheers to all and keep it craft,


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