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White Quadrupel

A new crazy collaboration between Oriel Beer and Sunstone Alehouse

Some friendships and collaborations do last a long, long time. That’s the story between us and Sunstone Alehouse. If you don’t know our beginning, let’s recap it for you. We met Kirill many years ago, while we all still homebrewed. Now we are all pro, older and with the same courage to experiment with beers.
White Quadrupel comes as a sequel after Quadrupel IPA, that experimental beer that you all remember, not an ipa, nor a quadrupel. Well, the story repeats again, because this new beer comes close to another creative brew that both brewers come up with.
Oriel x Sunstone White Quadrupel is another experimental brew in which all the crazy ideas of the brewers joined for a beer to remember. Brewed out of a large variety of malts, flakes, hops, orange peel and a blend of yeasts, this quadrupel lighter in color, has preeminent aromas of figs, dates, praline and subtle hints of smoked malt. Taste is intense, bit sweet with vanilla, biscuits, chocolate notes, balanced and flavored with cold brew from DropShot Coffee Roasters. The cold brew was made from a single origin coffee, Ethiopia Sidamo, and brings delicate notes of blueberries, caramel and dark chocolate. A long aftertaste and the alcohol warmth linger on the palate leaving a mellow sweetness.


Please don’t take it as a regular beer, because it is not, is the honest beer that you will drink and like it because is different, but so pleasant in the same time. And that’s the beauty of brewing, playing with recipes and be creative.


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