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A Belgian Dark Strong Ale for the winter


After almost three years of Oriel Beer, you already know by now that is our tradition to release a seasonal beer each winter.

In some parts of our country, snow is also present, here in Bucharest it’s just cold, but it doesn’t matter, it’s always a good time to have a treat for yourself.

So, by the time when you all celebrated Christmas last year, on 27th of December, we brewed our WINTER 2020 edition.

Brewed with patience, in the style of a Belgian Dark Strong Ale from seven types of malt, two types of flakes, two types of hop, Belgian dark candi sugar to a special blend of liquid Belgian strain yeast and of course with some special ingredients added: cocoa, coffee, Ceylon cinnamon, coriander seeds, orange extract and vanilla essence.

The aromas are full of dark chocolate, tangerine, baked apples and coffee notes. The taste is impressive, full of layers of sophistication with undertones of nuts, sweet malts, cinnamon, cloves, dried cherries and some roastiness. A unique complexity with undertones lingering on the palate.

Bottled on 21st of February and conditioned in bottle for many months, for a perfectly balanced taste.

Oriel Winter is about the joy of holidays, gratitude, bonds and pure happiness, please savour it because it has all our passion in it and take joy in living, even though these times are harsh. Thank you for supporting local businesses and thank you for buying our beers, without you, we could not continue.

Stay safe and keep it craft,




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