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The Quadrupel Barrel Aged series

Rye Quadrupel Bourbon Barrel Aged

Yes, you read it well, we released a new quadruple. You know we have a thing for Quadrupels, but it’s not just that, it’s like our special something. In a time when everyone is trying to impress with crazy experiments, we chose something like back to basics to remember our first time. When we first produced professionally at Oriel a barrel aged beer, we chose to brew a Quadrupel, an Oriel trademark, aged in Jack Daniel’s barrels. Hold your thoughts, we know that Jack Daniel is not bourbon, is Tennessee whiskey, but there is a resemblance between the bourbon and the Tennessee whiskey.

At that time, you, it’s always you, because as much as we want to say that we brew some beers because we like them, many times, we brew them because you are asking. The first edition had a huge success, we made a launching party, the ambassador of Belgium in Romania came, oh, such good times, and, as I was saying, the beer received a huge, great feedback.


Edition after edition of Quadrupel barrel aged, you asked, when will be brew a quadruple in bourbon. Well, here you have. But, of course, we had to make it in our own way, so, our brewer, Laurentiu, came up with the idea to change the malts and to use a rye base malt instead of Pilsner malted barley or Marris Otter English malt.

Rye is a huskless and small grain that requires special consideration when milling.  Mashing with Rye presents its own challenges and is most similar to malted wheat or flaked oats.  The outer shell of Rye Malt is high in Beta-Glucans and will increase the viscosity of the wort considerably.

Rye is an exciting and refreshing grain to brew with.  It may take a little more effort at times however the beer you will be rewarded with will be worth it.

Rye can give a beer that little “something different”. Rye malt contributes a unique flavor to beer.  Your first instinct may be to think of Rye Bread as a good flavor reference.  However, most Rye bread contains Caraway seeds which impart the flavors most people associate with Rye bread and not of Rye itself.   Rye’s true flavor contribution to the bread is the soft grain, tartness, and spiciness and that is what we are looking for in our beer.  Along with this flavor Rye contributes a crispness or tartness on the palate often creating the impression that the beer is drier than one would expect.   –


Reading all this wonders about rye, we said yes, let’s do this.

We brewed the beer, fermented and transferred to freshly emptied bourbon barrels. Oh, the sweet smell of bourbon. We don’t have a specific time of aging in barrels, we wait patiently and taste the beer to check when it is ready. After 11 months we decided to transfer the beer in bottles for bottle conditioning.

And now after more than one year, is ready.

Rye Quadrupel Bourbon Barred Aged has a long, lasting exquisite taste. Gentle notes of biscuit-like flavor with a smooth mouthfeel component, malty-sweet aromas with hints of bread and honey. The complex character of vanilla and oak is amplified by the barrel aging in freshly emptied bourbon barrels for more than 11 months. A delight for you that can be drank now or later because it will develop great features in time.

It’s a great beer to share on your Orthodox Easter dinner with family and friends.

Enjoy the Oriel experience.



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