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From Dream to Reality

Oriel x Clos de Colombes’s Magic Barrel of Wonder

cuvee anne marie

It was 2018 when the journey of Oriel’s latest creation began. We reached out to the legendary Mrs. Anne Marie Rosenberg, a woman whose name is synonymous with revolutionizing the world of wine in Romania. Our passion for craft beer was matched by our admiration for the exceptional taste of the wines from the Clos des Colombes winery. And so, we set out to bring these two worlds together.

The story of the Clos des Colombes winery began 20 years ago, with the arrival of French entrepreneur Anne Marie Rosenberg to the stunning Olimp resort located near the Black Sea in Romania. With a passion for wine and a family background in winemaking, Anne Marie saw the potential for a vineyard in this unique location.

Over the years, the vineyard grew to 6 hectares and the winery started producing French-style wines, characterized by their high acidity, tannic taste, and strong wood notes. But the real magic happened when Anne Marie and a French consultant began experimenting with blending the wines to create something truly special.

Fast forward to April 2021, and we received the exciting news that our dream was about to become a reality. We were gifted the opportunity to age one of our beers in a freshly emptied Viognier wine barrel, and without a moment’s hesitation, we got to work. We brewed a slightly different version of a Saison/Farmhouse Ale, and in May of that year, filled the barrel to begin the long wait.

16 months passed and the mélange of beer, wine, and wood was finally ready. We bottled 258 bespoke 750ml bottles, hand-labeled, hand-waxed, with a bottle number marking. And with a natural carbonation and an extra 5 months of maturation, the beer was finally ready to be shared with the world.

Throughout the aging process, a mixed fermentation took place, adding notes of wild yeasts like Brettanomyces and a rich bouquet of autumn peaches, apricots, toasted oak, vanilla, and dried herbs. The light acidity adds the perfect touch, making it ideal for enjoyment.

Anne Marie’s legacy lives on through her beautiful winery and the new owners, Virgil and Anca Lixandru continue the journey through the rich history and passion of the Clos des Colombes winery, preserving the traditions and standards Mrs. Rosenberg set.

We honor Anne Marie through our creation, and we invite you to discover this wondrous beer.

We recommend serving in petite Oriel glasses, white wine glasses, or champagne glasses. Share it with your loved ones and take your time to savor each sip. This beer is a true testament to the saying “great things take time.”

Cheers to the journey, to the passion, and to the memories that this beer will create!


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