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A story about time

Oriel Quadrupel Mezcal Barrel Aged


One year ago we brewed the third batch of Quadrupel. Long before the brew day we did some research on which type of barrels we should use, for the first batch, we used Jack Daniel’s whiskey, for the second Rum from Belize and for the third, we wanted to experiment more, so we took Mezcal barrels. I am not sure how many of you know what is mezcal, is often mistaken with tequila, but it is made slightly different.

Mezcal is a spirit made from different varieties of agave and it can only be labeled mezcal if it is 100% agave and made within a certain region of Mexico that comprises 7 different states. The main mezcal producer is Oaxaca state. The agave are harvested, cut off and the remaining heart, called the piña are placed into a pit and there they are left there to roast for four days.

The roasting brings out the natural sugars of the agave that is very sweet.

The roasted agave is crushed in a special grinding mill with a stone wheel pulled by a horse or mule and after it is crushed, it is placed in a wooden barrel to ferment, while hot water is added. After the fermentation, the mash is distilled. The first distillation yields low-grade alcohol. The fibers are then removed from the still and the alcohol from the first distillation is distilled a second time.After the second distillation, the mezcal is blended to obtain a consistent grade of alcohol. Then, the mezcal is either bottled right away, for an unaged mezcal called joven or blanco, or it is left to age in oak barrels. Mezcal añejo is aged for at least a year. The longer the mezcal is aged, the smoother the flavor.

But let’s get back to our beer. Gold medal recipe, the Quadrupel was brewed with six types of malts, two types of flakes, two types of hops, coriander seeds and a blend of Belgian strain yeasts. After one month in the primary tank for the first fermentation, we transferred the beer in two 190 l barrels and forgot about them for eight months. After eight months of aging, we decided to bottle it, but after the refermentation, we gave the beer an extra time, so that the flavors of the second fermentation match in a perfect balance. Three months passed and after one year since it was brewed, Oriel Quadrupel Mezcal Barrel Aged is finally here.

We would like to think that this beer is like a treat for those who try it, you know that moment when you have a good chocolate or ice cream or a good coffee. Well, this beer has it all, the aromas are so complex and the barrel matches the beer so well, that you will think you are in heaven when you drink it.

Savor it, this beer is for you!

Cheers and joy,

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