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Craft Beer in times of Corona

Quadrupel Zetea Vinars Barrel Aged


These are times that put us to test. Testing what? Testing our patience and ourselves because in these moments of uncertainty we need to return to that simple life in which we cherish the good things.
A lot of you are struggling with quarantine but very few see the great part in it. When was the last time you had time? Time to enjoy all the things you wanted to do indoor, like reading, cooking, watching a film, staying with your loved one or enjoying a craft beer.
Now is the moment you can do that.

From the beginning our creed was patience and time. Connecting that to our Quadrupel, we always took it as an exercise with ourselves and the beers that we are brewing. Of course, we can release them earlier, but we taste and wait until we consider that our goal is attained and the beer that was barrel aged is what we imagined to be. Most of the times, the beer manage to surprise us because the taste evolves so much and becomes more and more complex.

Even if the times are uncertain we have faith in our customers and fans of craft beer. We decided to release our latest Quadrupel aged in a vinars barrel.
Two years ago we tried for the first time Zetea Vinars. And we were impressed by the taste of it.
“Zetea XO is a remarkable wine distillate, obtained by its own method. The assortment consists of the highest quality natural ingredients, carefully selected to compose an expressive and harmonious aromatic palette.

During aging, Zetea XO Vinars borrows specific notes, which gives a particular depth to the bouquet and develops a superb shade of amber. Aromatic profile: Seductive aroma of orchard fruit and woody tones. Rich taste of fresh fruits and dried fruits, wrapped in woody accents and a splash of spices. Elegant and soft finish.”*

Zetea is a traditional Romanian distillery from Transilvania that crafts with passion, plum and other fruits distillate from generation to generation. The current owner, Silviu Zetea and his son, Gerard, are continuing the tradition of crafting, keeping the traditional old process on-going.
When we got in touch with them the first time, they were quite open to hear about our barrel aged beers and this experiment of ours in which we age beer in a barrel. We told them our story, our shared passion for craft beverages and they were open enough to help us with a barrel in which they kept Vinars for couple of years.

We brewed the Quadrupel, fermented and transferred in the a 250 liters barrel and left it for aging around eight months.
We wanted to add a touch of coffee because brandy and coffee make a great pair, so before we put the beer in the bottles and kegs, we added some specialty coffee beans to give an extra flavor to the beer. The bottling was made at the end of 2019 and during three extra months the refermentation and bottle maturation took place.
We cannot always satisfy all the taste, but for us, this edition becomes one of our favorites. Sumptuous aromas of raisins, figs, mirabelle and carob, followed by a savoury complexity with vanilla notes, nutmeg, toasted oak, chocolate truffles fusing with warm notes of specialty coffee.
We assure you that this is the kind of beer that will have the taste changed month after month, so you should consider age couple of bottles. One barrel of 250 liters, a limited number of bottles are available.


Stay home, stay safe and order our beers from our shop or the shops of our partners (Berero, Beer Academy, The Beer Institute). Now is the time you can show your support because we are struggling but we don’t lose our hope and we do see the sunny days ahead.


Keep it craft,

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