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Let’s get together


And it seems like, FINALLY, we are grown ups now!

Oh my, this year passed so fast, it feels like the other day was December 2017 and we were just launching Oriel Blond and Oriel Dubbel. But look, twelve months later, we have eight labels and we can pride ourselves that we evolved as brewers in this beautiful scene of craft beer.

We brewed continuously our Blond and Dubbel as our permanent line beers and we continued with some limited editions in order to experiment more in the direction we liked. Let’s get a bit clearer, we brew Belgian style ales, but in our own direction, in a modern way, so don’t expect that classic Belgian taste.

In order of releasing, the first limited edition was Saison, not your usual Saison, but one with spicy hops, phenolic notes, tartness and a bit fruity. We continued with our most expected beer that was sold out so fast, Oriel Quadrupel Jack Daniel’s Barrels Aged, a complex, dark beer that was aged for six months in Jack Daniel’s barrel. The taste was an absolute delight for everyone that tried it because of the aromas and taste of chocolate, vanilla, dark fruits and wood.

Then we continued with Blond Wild and Dubbel Maris Otter, two editions diverged from our basic line. The Wild has fermented in the secondary with wild yeast and resulted a bubbly, funky beer with tartness and grass notes. The Maris Otter English malt gave smoothness, richness and nutty hints, resulting a more flavoured beer for the Dubbel.

In September we had two collaborations, with Sunstone Alehouse from Moldova and HopSaSam from Belgium. The Quadrupel IPA released in collaboration with Sunstone was a blast and this experiment of a Belgian Quad fermented with Belgian strains and loads of American hops had a lot of success.  The Triple brewed with HopSaSam rested in Țuica barrels, but that is a story for next year when it will be launched.  Another collaboration brew, we had in October with Wicked Barrel for some dark, crazy stuff, but also will be released next year.

And last, but not least, Oriel Winter, our super special winter beer with a beautiful label and red waxed at the top. A Belgian Dark Strong Ale full of aromas of dark chocolate, praline and cherries. Oh Ma Chérie you will say when you will try it!

But, surprise, surprise, the batch 2 of Oriel Quadrupel Barrel Aged in Belize rum was bottled conditioned and even though the releasing is scheduled for January 2019, we decided to have some bottles for the anniversary. Hope you had the patience to read until here to find out this awesome news. The 1 year Anniversary party will take place Saturday, 15th of December 2018, at 100 de Beri Bar (Centrul Vechi Bucuresti).

You will be finding here all our beers and even you can takeaway some gifts for your loved one. More info on the bar.

See you there and keep drinking good beer.


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