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New month, new beers

Oriel Quadrupel Blackberry Vanilla

When we think about July, we think about summer. Summer has taken her entire power over the city and she is strong, sunny and beautiful.

With all that hot weather, working around or just enjoying the days, we all need a moment for ourselves. And here comes the beer. Treat yourself with a moment of lavishness while drinking one of our new releases of the month, we promise that all are exquisite.

Let’s start with our first release of the month that is the Quadrupel Blackberry Vanilla.

We met the guys from Abund Berry many months ago, actually last year in the summer when they had their fresh production of blackberries, but we had our tanks full and didn’t have the time to make a new beer with fruits. Time passed, they transformed their blackberries into wine, jam and some, into a natural juice that was kept in a cold storage.


We met again in the winter and started to talk about a beer in which we can add blackberry juice. We wanted something strong, flavored and amber, what should it be? Of course, our best beer, acclaimed, awarded and so on, the recipe of Oriel Quadrupel. This batch we didn’t barrel aged, but we added a couple of liters of this delicious natural juice, vanilla beans and lactose.

Well, the result is a cake in a glass. Watch out, it may fool you, since it has 10% ABV, so it’s a beer with a strong personality, but you can share it or enjoy it by yourself as a treat in one of these summer evenings.

We’ll be launching Monday, 8th of July at The Beer Institute in Agora Floreasca.

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Cheers and joy,

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