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Gold Medal

Oriel Quadrupel Belize Rum BA awarded at Meinenger’s International Craft Beer Award

There are times in life when you work so hard and eventually the work that you are making gets noticed. As it was normal, because we got used to receive prizes when we were homebrewing years ago,  so when we got pro, we decided to check in a professional competition to see how good our beer is.

Oriel Quadruepel Belize Rum BA is a quadruple style beer, of 10% ABV, aged in Rum barrels for seven months. As you all know, an exceptional beer needs time and for this one we gave her time of fermentation, barrel aging and bottle conditioning for many months.

We found out at the beginning of 2019 about this competition, is one of the best craft beer competitions from Germany and thousands of beers are judged yearly by a lot of judges. We didn’t know we got chances to win, but still, we were like “yes, let’s do this!”. We entered the contest, sent 10 bottles to Germany and waited for the answer. The final results were to be announced  by the middle of April, but not the exact awards.


To be honest, we did not expect to win, there were so many beers that we did not think that ours is good enough. When they announced on Facebook that the winners will be contacted by email to be invited at the ceremony of awarding, we received an email with “you are selected among winners”. That’s it, nothing more, and we got an invitation to pick up our award at the ceremony they organized on 17th of June in Neustadt, a fairy tale small city in Germany. That being said and because we were planning a collaboration brew in Amsterdam, with a festival involved, we got on a plane and went to Neustadt. A small typical german city with not so many things to do, good wines, though, and the day of the ceremony came. So well organized and a lot of people. Winners, judges, press, bloggers, everyone from the good craft beer scene of Germany was there.

The awarding started and we were announced as the winners of a Gold Medal for our beer and after the ceremony ended, we got the chance to taste the beers that were winners in the competitions and we tasted so many great beers, is amazing how sometimes you can find a beer that blows your mind, that were like some of the beers tasted afterwards. And it was great to mingle and get to know awesome people from there, who knows, maybe we will enter the German market soon because everyone was super excited and appreciated our beer.


That being said, Meinenger’s International Craft Beer Award was a blast and thank you for all your support, our friends, family and customers. This award is for you.

Amsterdam – Carnivale Brettanomyces and collab brew with Brouwerij de School

After two days in Germany, we packed our stuff and began our journey to Amsterdam, where we had one beer served at the Opening of the festival and a collab brew planned on the longest day of summer.

Amsterdam is crazy, crazy about and for beer. We were there last time about 4 years ago and still at that time, you could find a lot of beers. Nowadays is even more awesome! A lot of stores, bars, restaurants, all of them selling craft beers all around of the world. The first day of the festival came and we had the honor to be among the opening breweries at the festival alongside the great names from Europe or US. Oriel Blond Wild, our blond fermented in the secondary with Brettanomyces, got a very good feedback and we were happy to be there. Thanks a lot Jan for this!


If you are into sour beers, this is the city to be, because this festival is not taking place just in one location, but all over the city, in four days, you can taste beers at their first release, or small batches never released or all kinds of experiments of brewers crazy about sour. And yes, baby, we love sour! We got to taste a lot of beers, amazing beers that will remain in our head and got to know new people we connected so well.

After so many sour beers, we got serious a bit, and meet our virtual friends from De School, a small scale brewery, of two young great guys. We agreed about the recipe before and we thought in making a Saison super nice, summerish and flavoured with violets. Sounds good? Summer Solstice Saison!

The brewing day was so relaxing and nice, their brewery is located in a green neighborhood, with the lake nearby, fresh air, good beers and good vibes only. These guys really make good beers, so if you are around, go and pay them a visit, it will totally worth it. Go for their Saison, Tripel BA, Lager, or anything else, each of their beers is carefully brewed very well.

Brew day was over, back to the festival, more sour beers to come and this was the end of our trip.

Amsterdam for sure we will be coming again soon and another good news, you can find our beers in cool locations all over the country thanks to our distributor, Bierselect.

Cheers and joy,

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